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  • Los Cabos PLUS
    Los Cabos PLUS

    Los Cabos is more alive than ever. Only a short time after Hurricane Odile, the sunny destination is back in business. Because of an unstoppable spirit and dedication to collaboration, the area’s airport, hotels, golf courses, tour vendors and restaurants are already welcoming back visitors. Inside Los Cabos PLUS, you’ll find status updates from a number of resort properties, tour operators and airlines to help you sell this beloved destination now and moving forward. More»

  • Mex Rom 2014
    Mexico Romance Advisor 2014

    More than ever, lovers are embracing the allure of Mexico, which translates into profits for agents in the know. Check out Travel Weekly’s Mexico Romance Advisor for our feature article “Couples Are Loving Mexico,” with tips for selling budget-friendly destination weddings, pairing couples with their dream resort, and ways to distinguish yourself as a romance travel expert. Plus, this issue includes all the latest from top Mexico Romance suppliers. More»

  • River Cruises PLUS
    River Cruises PLUS

    Travel Weekly and TravelAge West are proud to announce the first-ever River Cruises PLUS, an insider’s guide to the rapidly evolving river cruise industry. Our feature articles include consumer trends and selling tips to help agents tap into this growing market, as well as a comprehensive guide to well-known and emerging rivers, and a peek at ships to come in 2015. Plus, this special issue features all the latest from top river cruise suppliers. More»

  • What's New Oaxaca
    What's New Oaxaca

    The state of Oaxaca is a singular destination that encapsulates much of Mexico’s rich heritage, traditions and landscapes. Its ancient ruins, mouthwatering cuisine, a colonial capital and sundrenched beaches are just some of the many highlights that are putting Oaxaca onto today’s itineraries. What’s New Oaxaca, produced by TravelAge West and Travel Weekly in conjunction with the Mexico Tourism Board, gives agents insight into selling this incredibly diverse destination. More»

  • Europe Advisor Fall 2014
    Europe Advisor Fall 2014

    Travel to Europe continues to rise, creating new opportunities for both agents and their clients. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Fall Europe Advisor for our feature “Ever-Evolving Europe,” containing valuable information on traveler trends, hotel openings, activity-based tours and much more. Plus, this issue includes all the latest from top European suppliers. More»

  • Mexico for the Luxury Traveler 2014
    Mexico for the Luxury Traveler 2014

    It’s no secret that luxury travel is one of the most sought-after market segments. As new generations of travelers take to the skies and the definition of “luxurious” evolves, Mexico continues to be a winner in serving the luxury market, offering everything from pristine beaches and challenging golf courses to amazing historic ruins, charming colonial cities, breathtaking wedding venues, world-class gourmet cuisine and the first-rate service your clients demand. Mexico for the Luxury Traveler, produced in partnership with the Mexico Tourism Board, provides insights into customizing the perfect vacation for upscale travelers. Look inside for a beautiful and informative exploration of Mexico’s luxury offerings. More»

  • Caribbean Advisor Fall 2014
    The Caribbean Advisor Fall 2014

    The ever-popular Caribbean is booming with hotel and resort expansions, renovations and new construction. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Fall Caribbean Advisor for our feature article, “Constructing the Caribbean,” detailing development projects across the islands, airline updates and impactful market changes. Plus, this year’s issue features all the latest from top Caribbean suppliers. More»

  • Mexico Advisor 2014
    Mexico Advisor 2014

    Mexico’s prime location, exotic culture and delectable cuisine have made it a favorite among American travelers. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Mexico Advisor for our feature article, “There’s More to Mexico,” for insights into market trends, as well as off-the-beaten-path destinations, tips on booking excursions and activities, and new developments. Plus, this year’s issue features all the latest from top Mexico suppliers. More»

  • What's New Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
    What's New Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

    Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, sister hotspots on Mexico's Pacific Coast, create an ideal getaway for sunbathers and adventure travelers, combining the traditional charming Mexican fishing village of Zihuatanejo with the sophisticated tourism infrastructure of Ixtapa. Read this edition of What’s New Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for information on new developments and insights into selling this increasingly popular destination. More»

  • Hawaii Advisor 2014
    Hawaii Advisor 2014

    Hawaii is unlike anywhere else in the world. The allure of the islands is that they’re both exotic and familiar, which makes this destination a paradise for both travelers and travel agents. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Hawaii Advisor to see all the latest from top Hawaiian suppliers. Plus, this year’s issue features tips on selling island romance, popular family-friendly attractions and opportunities for adventure throughout Hawaii’s diverse environments. More»

  • 2014 Israel Guide
    2014 Israel Guide

    The 2014 Israel Guide showcases the wonders of a journey through this ancient yet modern land. It is a land where clients can connect…discover…play…indulge…unwind…and more. See inside for inspiration on creating itineraries and boosting sales. More»

  • Luxury Advisor 2014
    Luxury Advisor 2014

    Luxury travel continues on a major upswing, translating into big profits and repeat business for agents who can design exclusive and appealing itineraries. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Luxury Advisor for our feature article, “Indulging the Luxury Traveler,” highlighting the personalization of travel packages, expansions in the high-end cruise market and tips for creating authentic experiences for clients. Plus, this year’s issue features all the latest from top luxury suppliers. More»

  • WHR Advisor May 2014
    Wedding, Honeymoon and Romance Advisor 2014

    The romance travel market continues to thrive, creating increased profits for agents and lasting memories for their clients. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Wedding, Honeymoon and Romance Advisor to see all the latest from top romance suppliers. Plus, our feature article, “Falling in Love with Romance Travel,” highlights destination wedding trends, the importance of personalization, exciting training opportunities and how social media engagement can lead to new clientele and big returns. More»

  • Las Vegas Advisor 2014
    Las Vegas Advisor 2014

    Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Las Vegas Advisor for our feature article, “Las Vegas Is on a Roll,” highlighting the hotel construction and renovations, new attractions, decadent dining experiences, top-notch performances and more that are playing a role in Las Vegas’ ever-changing landscape. Learn how keeping abreast of these recent expansions can lead to increased profits for agents. Plus, see the latest from top Las Vegas suppliers. More»

  • Caribbean Advisor 4.14
    Caribbean Advisor April 2014

    An ongoing emphasis on experiential travel throughout the Caribbean is providing new opportunities for both travelers and travel agents. Check out Travel Weekly’s 2014 Caribbean Advisor for our feature article, “Caribbean Immersions,” highlighting how travel agents can make the most of this trend, along with news on new developments, other trends, marketing initiatives and more. Plus, this year’s issue features all the latest from top Caribbean suppliers. More»

  • Europe Advisor APril 2014
    Europe Advisor April 2014

    Always popular, Europe is now booming. And that high demand translates into profits for agents who can put together appealing itineraries. Check out the 2014 Europe Advisor to see all the latest from top European suppliers. Plus, this year's issue features information on consumer trends, popular and emerging destinations, selling tips, new offerings and more. More»

  • Luxury Is Great Britain 2014
    Luxury Is Great Britain

    Tap into Britain’s perennial appeal as a luxury destination for first-timers and repeat visitors alike. From magnificent royal castles and Michelin-star restaurants to world-class golf, sumptuous accommodations, iconic sightseeing and fabulous shopping, Britain is a playground of luxury experiences. Discover suggestions and insights for creating the perfect posh package for luxury travelers to Britain. More»

  • 2014 USTOA
    2014 USTOA Business Resource

    USTOA's role in the travel and tourism industry as an advocate for the traveling public and travel agents has endured more than 40 years. The 2014 USTOA Business Resource, USTOA's annual directory, has been created to help agents sell by learning more about the most prestigious tour operators in the industry. The 2014 USTOA Business Resource is an invaluable tool that provides need-to-know details on USTOA members. More»

  • World of Luxury 2014
    2014 World of Luxury

    Travel Weekly's annual World of Luxury Issue, now in its seventh year, features travel trends and luxury traveler preferences that will help you target this lucrative market of elite travelers. This beautifully illustrated guide also feature a collection of luxury suppliers in all the major categories that will serve as a resource for you and your clients throughout the year. Don't miss this special issue, and bring more luxury to your clients with ever growing opportunities to add value to the luxury travel experience. More»

  • What's New Vallarta * Nayarit 2014
    What's New Vallarta Nayarit 2014

    With a big new promotional campaign putting Vallarta * Nayarit (Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit) front and center for American tourists, this timely guide highlights the many new developments in both areas. Find out what's new in these two complementary destinations, with their delightful mix of city and beach, contemporary and traditional, sprawling resorts and intimate hideaways. Read this edition of What's New Vallarta * Nayarit for updates on all the latest developments in airlift, hotels, attractions and more. More»

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